Hi, I’m Rianté.

I love to cook, travel and cosy up under the blankets with a good book when I can.

I’m a journalist and multimedia producer at eNCA. On most days, you’ll find me at the office helping my fellow storyteller warriors delve into issues, edit exciting footage and report on the latest, hottest trends. During my downtime, I’m an easy going family girl (oh wait, there’s also a lot of dramatic flair that accompanies this family girl).

My love for writing married my food and travel interests when I was studying a postgraduate degree in Journalism at the University of the Witwatersrand. This, coupled with my love for videography, fuelled my interest to explore ‘a foodie’s world’.

Through learning about food, I explore traditions, cultures and countries that tell the stories of generations. Food signifies the coming together of people and reinforces the traditional African concept of Ubuntu – sharing and showing humanity towards others.

I’ve written food columns for the Financial Mail, entitled It’s a Foodie’s World, and the rest you’ll find here.

Welcome to my expressive space. Here, I will share some of my recipes, hacks, thoughts, experiences, must-do’s, must-see’s and must-have’s.


Oh, and always remember – “Be kind to one another.” – Ellen DeGeneres


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